2nd Annual Artisan Art Walk

The 2nd Annual Artisan Art Walk is an event within our community and beyond that focuses on seasoned, new, and student artists. This venue allows the public free admittance and an exceptional opportunity to purchase one of a kind artisan pieces.  


The purpose of the Artisan Art Walk event is to bring artists from the West Texas region and beyond together to promote the arts and artistic industry, provide a venue to sell local and area artisan works, while providing education through artist workshops and demonstrations. 

Our Board of Directors

Dr. Joyce Miller – President with expertise in event planning, organizational development, six years as director for Texas Association of Fairs and Events, executive director for Creative Arts with the Permian Basin Fair & Exposition (PBFE), past president PBF & E, and member of Texas Festivals and Events in addition to a faculty role within Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center – Graduate FNP Program.

Mr. Steve Poynor – Vice President with expertise in event planning, operations, vendors, past president of Texas Association of Fairs and Events, development of the Ector County Fair (now PBF & E), founding member of Odessa Crime Stoppers in Texas, Odessa Convention and Visitors Bureau, Odessa Chuck Wagon Gang “Boss” 1986, PBIOS director (1984-current), and many others.

Mr. Steve Compton – Secretary with expertise in sponsorship and promotion, past president of the PBF & E, Odessa Chuck Wagon Board – Internal Boss (2004), and PBIOS (2006 to current) director.

Mr. Tim O’Reilly – Director with expertise and artistry in web design, branding, promotions, etc. Director for: United Way of Odessa, Permian Basin Rehab Center, Midland Children’s Rehabilitation Center, and past president of the PBF & E.

Mr. Woody Kupper – Director with expertise as a school liaison, operations, community outreach, Director for American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, Texas Association of Sports Officials, and past president PBF & E.